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  You can make a difference in your school and community.

On March 12th 2003, 20 year old Casey Goodwin was struck head on by an 18 year old drunk driver and died the following day on March 13, 2003. Casey Goodwin dedicated her young life to prevention programs, including those dealing directly with alcohol-related issues. Casey was actively involved in Friday Night Live and the California Youth Council from the time she was in elementary school until her tragic death. Moved by the loss of Casey, former classmates and CYC members wanted to take action--they wanted to address drinking and driving and underage drinking. This was the catalyst for Casey's Pledge.

Casey's Pledge encourages youth to live a healthy lifestyle by committing their lives to staying alcohol free or never drinking and driving, and never getting into a car with a drinking driver. Casey's Pledge was designed to provide young people with a toolkit of resources and project ideas to implement the project in schools, and communities at large. The Casey's Pledge Toolkit includes:

  1. Seven Steps to Launch Casey's Pledge
  2. Tools for Introducing and Sharing Casey's Pledge
  3. Ideas Page- to promote Casey's Pledge
  4. Sample Casey's Pledge Press Release
  5. Casey's Pledge Registration and Agreement form
  6. Casey's Pledge- star template that can be signed by students
  7. Casey's Pledge Order Form- order wristbands and Casey Goodwin DVD
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 We hope that you find Casey's Pledge Toolkit helpful in preparing you to successfully coordinate Casey's Pledge in your school and community.
 Thank you for making the commitment to share with others Casey's story, and for taking an active role in encouraging students, and adults, to take a stand against alcohol and drug-related issues. With your involvement, we can prevent other people from ever experiencing the tragedies and heartbreak that comes from alcohol and drug-related accidents. Together we can continue Casey Goodwin's legacy……….

Please refer questions to (559) 733-6496 or

California Friday Night Live Partnership

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